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Why choose foam insulation

Senso Group offers a wide variety of insulations, amongst which is foam insulation. We carry different insulators of different brands for different budgets, we are confident you will find the right insulator for your household. Choosing an insulator can be complicated especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge in the matter, with all the products on the market its hard to find the best one for you. That’s why our professionals are there to help, we will gladly explain what each product does and help you find the insulator that works best for you.

Conventional insulation such as fiberglass, blown in cellulose or polystyrene board provides poor insulation against air leakage. With poor insulation a draft will travel through the cracks and seams and eventually into your household. As foam insulation is applied it starts to expand filling all the crevices that traditional insulation omits, saving you the cost of extra heating bills and keeping your household warm. Foam insulation acts as an air barrier, vapor barrier and insulator all at once, saving you both time and money.

Not only is foam installation better and more efficient but it also has many benefits that other insulators don’t. Whenfoam insulation is applied the foam seeps into all the houses crevices and cavities, as a result the house is more structurally sound. Unlike conventional installation the foam sticks to almost any surface be it wood, metal or plastic.

Unlike most other insulators foam also has a water resistant property, so if rain does seep into the house the insulation wont start to rot dealing more damage to the house. Traditional insulators absorb water, which causes them to accumulate mold and rot, since they take a while to dry the damp atmosphere they create makes the mold spread towards the houses wood and eventually drywalls. All of these bothersome and complicated problems can easily be avoided by choosing the right insulator.

When foam is used as an insulator it provides a continuous airtight seal, which keeps pollutants and fumes outside of your household. Resulting in the prevention of unpleasant smells and harmful polluted air that you and your family breathe. As foam itself doesn’t have any loose pieces or particles, there is nothing that may fall off and affect the quality of air in your household.

As foam is seamless it provides not only great thermal insulation but also provides great noise insulation. It can dramatically reduce noise from the outside making your house a more peaceful and quite place to be, as well as keep noise from escaping the house.

Though foam insulation cost is slightly higher then other options it’s the most advanced product on the market and will pay itself through the difference of your heating bill. It has many advantages over traditional insulators and we are one of the few places that offer this type of insulation in Toronto.

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