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One of the leading Drywall suppliers in the Toronto area

Drywall is a crucial part in any building whether it be a downtown skyscraper or a basement renovation project. Choosing high quality drywall that suits your needs best is important,with so many products out there its hard to tell which one will suit you best and whether its reliable or not. That’s why our employees can help you choose the dry wall that’s best for your project whether you need water resistant drywall or ceiling drywall we have it all. Its excessively important that you use high quality drywall, the effects of using the wrong or low quality drywall will star to become evident months down the line. It will start to fall apart costing you money and can even damage other materials around it, it can cause a great deal of problems resulting redoing the project and losing time and money.

We make sure to have nothing but the best quality products on our shelves, and drywall is no different we sell only the newest and most advanced products on the market. Drywall can range from being waterproof to impact resistant so its important that you choose the one that best suits you and the project you have in mind.

Some of the drywall types we offer include lightweight drywall, ceiling drywall, fire rated drywall, moisture and mold resistant drywall, impact resistant drywall, flexible drywall and many more.

Drywall helps control sound transmission, provides a wonderful smooth surface for paint or wallpaper and is one of the lowest cost elements in your building. Different drywall panels are created for different uses such as high moisture areas, abuse resistant where traffic is heavy or specifically designed for curved surfaces. With so many uses it’s a very crucial product that must be able to withstand abuse and usage. That’s why we make sure to sell only the best drywall on the market and never compromise quality.

Apart from drywall we also sell drywall supplies in the Torontoarea.Products that you will need to install the drywall and reinforce it. Metal studs and corners are placed on the drywall in order to protect it from damage and keep the corners intact. 

We always keep our stock full so that we have any product that you may need. Whether you visit us to buy a few boards for a small project, or a stack of boards for a building project we will offer you the same high quality service and will answer any questions you may have.

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