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Various Concrete supplies in the Toronto area for any project

A large part of our business involves the sale of concrete and concrete supplies; we carry everything from concrete in bulk all the way to concrete finishing tools. We make sure to always have a variety of tools and supplies in stock and only keep high quality supplies in our inventory.

Our goal is to make sure that Senso Group is your one stop shop for everything you may need in your project, that’s why our inventory is constantly updated and expanded with the newest and most advanced materials on the market.

Besides concrete we havesupplies like Concrete colours and stains, which allow you to add colour and character to your concretes surface. Tools for drilling sawing into your concrete are specialized tools made from advanced materials to make the cut/hole clean and precise. Its crucial that the tools you use are made by a company that knows what its doing and produces high quality products. A defective tool could ruin the project and waste all the time that has been put into it. We only carry high quality tools on our shelves and in our storage, and when there is a better version or model available we make sure to update our stock accordingly.

If you want to repair a small crack or a damaged section in your concrete surface then concrete repair products can be a solution for you. It saves time and money, if the concrete repair is high quality it will last for years to come and in some cases can offer a permanent repair solution. It’s important to get a repair product that goes well with the type of concrete you are using whether it be fine concrete or industrial grade. Our employees can answer any questions you may have and give their recommendation on which product is best for you.

Concrete is a great multipurpose building material its cheap, easy to apply, can be stained to look better, can be repaired and its sturdy. Our employees would be happy to explain what the advantages and disadvantages of every brand are as well as recommend the concrete that would best suit your project needs.

We sell small concrete packages for small projects or repairs, but we also sell in bulk for larger projects.

We carry one of the largest product selections in Toronto and the G.T.A., visit our extensive showroom to get an idea of whatconcrete supplies you may need for your project and our staff will help you with what you need and answer any questions you may have.

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